Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR



Be it team and project work, knowledge transfer, discussion groups or brainstorming: If constructive work is to be done in a group, then flexible furniture that can be adapted to any situation is essential. The range offers various types of modular furniture that is straightforward to use and practical, such as for teaching, seminar, multi-functional or meeting rooms.

The key product of the series is the rollable one-person table. It can be freely arranged in the room and quickly regrouped. The tabletop is optionally height-adjustable so that people can work both while standing and sitting. The large tabletop and the open construction with centre column and bases, which offers plenty of legroom, ensure a high level of comfort. The tables are stackable, i.e. they can be compactly pushed together when not in use.

The series is completed by a stacking table, whiteboard, pinboard, coat rack and lectern. Different configurations can be easily created and changed again and again. Depending on the use, different solutions are available for quick access to electricity and the necessary conference technology. In this way, learning and group processes can be optimally supported by flexible furniture constellations.