Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR


Design update and technical further development of a classic

The first model of the successful Ergoldsbacher E58 family was created in 1958. In the following decades, four variants were added to the series. With them ERLUS reacted to new demands of the market.

Designstudio speziell® was also involved in the technical development of the product. As a result, the functional features blend in perfectly with the overal structure. Like the deep interlocking joints on all sides with triple head and side locks. Due to this special constructive feature, the water on the tile surface is channelled away perfectly. That way, even on shallow roofs (laid in cross pattern: standard roof pitch 16°, minimum roof pitch 10°); the substructure stays dry.

The challenge in designing the youngest member of the E58 family was to highlight the typical optical features and at the same time sensitively modernize the appearance. The proportions have been slightly modified. Precise graphic contours form a contrast to the gently curved visible surface. Finally, the complex functional areas areas (water chanelling, four-brick corner, stacking points, ribbing, sliding and gauge ranges) should form a harmonious but exciting unity with the visible surface.

Important components of the work of speziell® were also the digitalisation of the development process, the mould making in the prototype stage and the digital preparation of the moulds with demoulding chamfers and crowning. Also the adaptation of the geometry to existing drying support and kiln furniture in the production was taken over.