Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR

Interior Design System

Taking aesthetic pleasure from creating order

The aluminium interior carries across the material and detail quality of the kitchens to the drawers and pull-outs. Bright, cool aluminium combined with warm flock surfaces, wood and porcelain give rise to attractive material contrasts. The fine graphic lines provide an ordering structure, while the precision machining highlights the fine details.

What makes the system so special is the Flock2Block principle: the flocked liner mat stops inserts and porcelain elements from sliding, while allowing them to be easily removed and repositioned. The velvety-soft coatings also protect the surfaces from sorted kitchen utensils as well as tins and boxes, which can be placed on the painted surfaces softly and quietly. bei den einsortierten Küchenutensilien ebenso wie bei den Dosen und Kisten, die sich sanft und leise auf Lackoberflächen abstellen lassen.

A new system allows drawers to be individually configured, rearranged or extended. Variable cabinet widths can also be assembled continuously, while semi-equipped variants are possible.

Special elements, such as knife blocks, porcelain spice jars, USB cradles or corrugated surfaces for small items, provide functional and optical highlights.

-iF product design award 2014
-reddot Product Design 2014
-Interior Design: Best of year 2014
-Interior Innovation Award 2015