Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR


Versatile upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture can promote different types of communication in the office environment – clusters with low backrests form islands for creative discussions, sofas facing each other with high backrests invite informal conversations, shielded armchairs or two-seaters allow for undisturbed phone calls. Furthermore, the add-on concept makes it possible to organise and structure rooms. Different colours and materials change the look and feel of the system. Central areas of modern office environments, waiting rooms, reception areas, lounges and director’s offices.

The modular system is based on upholstered seating modules and padded benches that can be fitted with corner backs or additional backs. These can be enhanced with additional modules. The resulting grid-like building blocks facilitate conventional armchairs and sofas, unusual constellations with alternating orientation or combinations forming structures that fill rooms.

The shielding elements encourage leaning. This enriches informal discussions between standing business partners and creates a relaxed mood.

Context: Novel furniture shapes enhance the manufacturer’s existing range. This makes is possible to create different office layouts with a uniform system, also allowing for expansion at a later date.