Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR


20-piece porcelain-range

Soft, flowing shapes, as if modelled by water, characterise all the items within the TAO porcelain range. Their formal calm expresses sensuality and harmony.

Inspired by the wave effect, caused by drops on a smooth surface of water, the different plates merge into one another and seem to hover on the table. Like touchstones, cups and bowls invite you to enjoy using them with all your senses. Accessories such as salt and pepper shakers, vases, pourers and dips look like finds from a river, given a distinctive shape by both the elements and time.

Whether Ayurvedic or Mediterranean cuisine, Italian espresso or white tea from Kenya - selected ingredients, loving preparation and holistic indulgence will find their equivalent in TAO.

-iF design award 2010