Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR


Desk and storage concept

Two opposite desks are combined to form a double desk. This creates a compact yet very stable support structure. The cabinet furniture system is perfectly suited for this purpose – the two pieces of furniture complement each other’s functionality. Twin workstations, team areas and open-plan offices can be furnished uniformly with this system.

Comprehensive cable management opens new doors in room planning and is of great value to the user. Electricity and network cables can be routed in from different positions and connected to all docked workstations. The system also offers simple and “clean” solutions for connecting individual devices and accommodating surplus cables.

Bench and spine solutions are available. Larger configurations can also be formed, combining bench-and-spine modules. The height of each worktop can be adjusted independently. Various systems are available: From the manual system of adjustment using a crank lever to height regulation powered by an electric motor. The latter makes it possible to work in a sitting or standing position.

Novel furniture shapes enhance the manufacturer’s existing range. This makes is possible to create different office layouts with a uniform system, also allowing for expansion at a later date.

-reddot Product Design 2012
-iF design award 2012