Installation by Jens Pohlmann with corresponding short lectures and music during LUMINALE 2020

Under the motto „Warm Tones – Cold Tones”, visitors could savor a „forest of light columns” in the church interior together with other lighting effects. The forest grew beneath the pendant lamps and these space-structuring columns were consecutively illuminated – from within by warm LEDs, and then from without by cold UV light. The black light spotlights illuminated the UV tape, which was stuck to the floor as a grid beneath the columns. In addition, transparent gymnastic balls – that also offered seating – began to glow, as they had been dusted within with orange neon pigment (3D printed apparatus shown on picture below).  During the short lectures the rounded seating areas lighted up in a  brighter yellow tone which shined on the  surrounding paper-columns. The remainder of the church interior was bathed in frosty blue. While inside the church warm and cold tones alternated according to a set script, Offenbach’s highest bell tower was visible from afar, shining in the light of several spotlights.