Exhibition contribution // Fresch 2005

Frankfurt / Tokyo / Frankfurt

Within the context of “fresch”, design studios speziell® and Leise in Frankfurt provided an account of their joint stay in Tokyo in June 2005. As part of the “Germany in Japan” year, both were invited to exhibit as “German Talents” at the German pavilion at the Interior Lifestyle trade fair.

Furniture and product designs are displayed on a stage framed by a back wall holding 430 separate picture plates. The installation is inspired by the traditional wish boards found in Japanese temples, whose wishes hang by the hundreds on wooden panels.

The fragmented details and colorful overall picture is suggestive of the overcrowded streets, neon lights, and shops that shape the image of Japan. By placing side by side the ordinary and bizarre, modern architecture and our products, the context of the trade fair as well as the “Germany in Japan” year is reproduced, allowing the visitor a similar experience. Interested visitors can flip through the various layers of pictures and create their own impression.

© speziell® / August 2005

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