10 years of speziell®

As guests of Ippenburg Castle

Ippenburg Castle is situated outside Bad Essen near Osnabrück. For the last 15 years, Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche has organised garden festivals at this location. The Whitsun edition of this event, which enjoys a national profile, attracts up to 30,000 visitors every year.

Several rooms of the extensive and historical castle have become the venue for a design exhibition curated by the owners of the company anthologieQuartett, Rainer Krause and Michael von Jakubowski. This year, companies including Bisazza, Hering Berlin, Little Green and Masson appeared at the event.

We were also invited to display our “10 years of speziell®” exhibition in the Zwergensaal hall. The original environment with a number of playful details provided an attractive contrast to our designs.

© speziell® / May 2012

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