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Like folded paper works

The stylistic elements of the OPUS porcelain range transform the mass of plates, bowls and dishes into luxuriant smooth surfaces. Quoting the mathematical depiction of bodies and surfaces in digital space allows shapes to come into being which charm with a mixture of technical precision and palpable reality.

The angular meetings of complex surface geometries result in a delightful play between light and shade. Some surfaces are equipped to fulfil functions, producing handles, bearing surfaces and spouts etc. The innovative power of these shapes is also reflected in the production technology: all physical laws of porcelain manufacturing seem to have been repealed, which can be realised by combining years of experience and modern production processes only.

The OPUS collection consists of a maxi platter, which can be used as a dining plate, a serving plate or an underplate; a midi plate which forms a single entity with the dish and may be used as a lid and, to round off the series, the mini plate, which is ideal for bread or side-dishes, and tiny dip bowls.

Their succinct design lends the individual elements of the OPUS series an architectonic feel. Arranged together on a festive table, they create a kind of digital landscape which stands in contrast with the prepared menus and sets the scene for the food.

-Top Hotel Star Award Gold 2008
-reddot Product Design 2007