Designstudio speziell® – Fleckenstein Pohlmann Schwer GbR


Barista cups

The cup series was developed by Kahla and speziell® exclusively for the coffee roasting company Peeze from the Netherlands. Peeze stands for coffee of the highest quality, which is produced sustainably and fairly in close partnership with selected plantation owners in Ethiopia, Indonesia, Peru and Mexico.

The flavour of the various types of coffee must be able to develop perfectly in the three cup sizes called "Espresso", "Café Creme" and "Cappuccino". The cups' interior design, diameter and body thickness play an important role in this. The exterior shape of the cups and saucers must have an ergonomic design, be highly recognisable and be suitable for the catering trade.

The different cup types were developed with an unmistakeable linear form, each based on their respective ideal interior shape. The handles, which are reminiscent of the 'P' in Peeze, can be held without fear of slipping thanks to a finger support. The saucer provides enough space for sugar, milk and sweets. The parabola of the Peeze logo is generated by the depression for the cup, which is offset to the side.